Professor named “Best Established Artist” in Chicago

Author: Erik Runyon


Maria Tomasula, associate professor of art, art history and design at the University of Notre Dame, recently was recognized as Best Established Artist byChicago ArtistsNews,a publication of the Chicago ArtistsCoalition.

Selected by several Chicago-based art writers for work shown at galleries in the city, Tomasula is described as an artist whose work reachesinto the soul, while leaving a haunting imprint on the mind.

Tomasulas paintings recall the work of 18 th and early 19 th century Spanish Baroque religious painters and Mexican votive paintings, and depict familiar objects in highly stylized, symbolic compositions.

A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1994, Tomasula earned bachelors and masters degrees in fine arts from theUniversityofIllinois,Chicago, andNorthwesternUniversity, respectively. She is represented by the Zolla/Lieberman Gallery inChicagoand Forum Gallery inNew York CityandLos Angeles.

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