Professor edits new book on Jean-Luc Marion

Author: Kathy Pitts


Jean-Luc Marion unarguably stands as the leading figure in French phenomenology as well as one of the proponents of the so-calledtheological turnin European philosophy.

In a new book titledCounter-Experiences: Reading Jean-Luc Marion,Kevin Hart, a chaired professor in philosophy and literature at the University of Notre Dame, has assembled a stellar group of philosophers and theologians from the United States, Britain, France and Australia to examine Marions workespecially from his later yearsfrom a variety of perspectives.

Throughout, the contributors engage key concepts defined byMariongivenness, the saturated phenomenon, erotic reduction, and counter-experienceand Marion himself concludes with a retrospective essay written in response to criticisms of his work. The resulting volume is an indispensable resource for scholars working at the intersection of philosophy and theology.

The collective strength of these exceptionally high-quality essays is the authorsdiversity of reflection on the relation of phenomenology to theology,said Merold Westphal fromFordhamUniversity.Readers new toMarionwill find their way into the corpus and those already familiar withMarions work will encounter stimulating interpretations, challenges, and defenses. Valuable, too, are Harts introduction toMarionas phenomenologist andMarions defense of the saturated phenomenon that bookend the volume.

A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 2002, Hart holds the Notre Dame Chair in Philosophy and Literature.

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