Prayer for Pope Benedict

Author: Erik Runyon


The Notre Dame family joins with the whole Catholic Church in lifting up its prayers on behalf of our new Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. The Holy Spirit has called him into a most challenging service at a most challenging time, and, with faith, hope and charity, we pray for him and with him, for the Body of Christ that he will lead, and for the world that cries out for Christs gifts of love and peace and reconciliation.

Holy Spirit, we place our trust in you as we now look ahead and take heart from the words of Scripture:Behold, I make all things new.Blessed Mary, Our Lady, we in this University community join with our new Pope in his confidence that you will watch over the Church. Lord Jesus, bring us all into a closer relationship with you, filling us with perseverance, humility, gratitude for your graces, and insight into your awesome providence for us. Let us be ready, along with Pope Benedict and your Church, to go where you ask us to go and do what you ask us to do.

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