Physics Department member appointed to National Academies Study Committee

Author: William G. Gilroy


Phillip A. Sakimoto, the professional specialist for outreach and diversity in the University of Notre Dames Department of Physics, has been appointed by the National Research Council of the National Academies to serve on a study committee charged by Congress with evaluating the NASAs pre-college science, mathematics and technology education program. * *

The committee will address questions posed in the NASA Authorization Act of 2005 regarding the effectiveness, funding priorities and assessment procedures of NASAs program. It also will examine the alignment of NASAs goals with the learning goals of teachers and students.

The 12 members of the committee are all nationally recognized leaders of science education reform efforts in theUnited States. They began their study process on Nov. 15 and will complete their evaluation in approximately 20 months.

At Notre Dame, Sakimotos mission is to make science accessible to the broadest possible audience. Prior to coming to the University, he spent 14 years with NASAs Education and Public Outreach Program and participated in several committees aimed at increasing diversity in NASA and space science.

Sakimoto also has published several NASA technical reports and has written for scientific journals on space exploration and ultraviolet astronomy. He also has lectured internationally on astronomy and diversity in science.

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