Philosopher/theologian to speak Oct. 24 on political Islam

Author: Erik Runyon


Rev. David B. Burrell, C.S.C, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. Professor of Philosophy and Theology, will deliver a public lecture titledPeacemaking in the Holy Land: Political Islam,at 4 p.m. Tuesday (Oct. 24) in the auditorium of the Hesburgh Center for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Sponsored by theKanebCenterfor Teaching and Learning, the lecture will examine the forms, the nature and the future of political Islam.It will explore the changing, complex and sometimes dangerous relationship between Islam and the West, including the politics, economics and international relations that shape that relationship.

Notre DamesKanebCenterfor Teaching and Learning offers programs that stimulate reflection about teaching and learning. The center sponsors workshops, presentations and consultations that highlight the best teaching practices and learning environments for faculty, graduate students and teachers in the wider community.

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