Notre Dame to host third annual Energy Week

Author: Michael Lucien

2009 Energy Week

The University of Notre Dame will observe its third annual Energy Week from Sept. 13 to 19 (Sunday to Saturday) with the theme “Green is the new Black.”

Organized by members of the Student Advisory Board of the Notre Dame Energy Center, each day of Energy Week will feature energy education and awareness activities, including participation from major energy companies, lectures on renewable energy sources, tours of both the Notre Dame power plant and the New Energy Ethanol Plant, and screenings of documentaries and energy-focused movies, such as “Fuel” and “Earth.”

Students also can participate in a career luncheon featuring representatives from major energy companies, attend a “green” prayer service and participate in the third annual “Lights Out,” during which students, faculty and staff across campus will power down and turn the lights off for three hours Sept. 14.

Energy Week is designed to promote awareness and education in the Notre Dame community about energy challenges. Participation in these events will allow students, faculty and staff to gain a better understanding of our nation’s energy crisis and will provide the basic tools and knowledge to help affect change and bring about a more sustainable energy future.

Energy Week is sponsored by the Notre Dame Energy Center Student Advisory Board and GreeND. For more information, visit on the Web.

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