Notre Dame-based radio interview and discussion program to air on WVPE

Author: William G. Gilroy

Vantage Point radio show

An interview and discussion radio program based at the University of Notre Dame will air on WVPE-HD beginning Sunday (Feb. 1).

The program, titled “Vantage Point,” is hosted by Agustin Fuentes, professor and chair of Notre Dame’s Department of Anthropology, and offers the insights of academic experts on issues related to politics, religion, history, culture, society and the arts. The program will air Sundays at noon, starting with an episode titled “Figuring Out the Arab-Israeli Conflict.”

Fuentes will lead a discussion during programs that will consider all sides of a controversy and address questions about persistent issues and enduring ideas. Future programs will address such topics as “The Economics of Health Care,” “How to Raise a Healthy Baby,” “Why Bother with Shakespeare?” and “The Nature of American Imperialism.”

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An expert in biological anthropology, primatology, human evolution and social organization and behavior, Fuentes’ research delves into the how and why of being human. From chasing monkeys in the jungles and cities of Asia, to exploring the lives of our evolutionary ancestors, to examining what people actually do across the globe, he is interested in both the big questions and the small details of what makes humans and our closest relatives tick.

Fuentes’ recent books include “Evolution of Human Behavior” and “Race, Monogamy and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature.” He is a regular contributor to and National Geographic radio and has appeared as a guest on “Animal Planet.” He also is a regular guest blogger for Psychology Today.

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