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Author: Dennis K. Brown

HOT TOPICS: The Papacy … EinsteinsMiracle Year…Canadian politics and society…UN oil-for-food…Skincancer…Energy issues…“Kingdom of Heaven”… **

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  • p. “Kingdom of Heaven” — Paul Cobb, associate professor of history


  • *p. Energy issues — George Howard
  • p. Skin Cancer Prevention Month — Olaf Wiest , associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry

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  • The Papacy -

p. Lawrence Cunningham , professor of theology, at 574-631-7137 or at home at 574-233-5492; /facultydetail.cfm?facultyid=212&topicid=259

John Cavadini , professor and chair of theology, at 574-631-6662 or at home at 574-291-6404; /facultydetail.cfm?facultyid=762&topicid=259

M. Cathleen Kaveny ,Murphy Foundation Professor of law, 574-631-7844; /facultydetail.cfm?facultyid=290

  • 100 th anniversary of EinsteinsMiracle Year- Don Howard, director of the Program in History and Philosophy of Science


  • UN Oil-for-Food report, George Lopez, professor of political science

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  • Social Security reform – Teresa Ghilarducci, associate professor of economics

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  • War crimes trials – Jimmy Gurulé, professor of law

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  • Muslim-Christian relations – Gabriel Reynolds, assistant professor of theology


  • Searchable database for all Notre Dame faculty experts

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