Miguel Coste: 2023 Invocation

Author: Sue Lister

As is our tradition at the University of Notre Dame, let us begin with prayer. 

Almighty God, full of boundless love, we thank you for allowing us to be here with our friends, families, classmates, professors, staff, and guests to celebrate all we have been given as we commence the next stage of our lives. 

We began our journey when we came to Our Lady’s University with no clarity of the road ahead or where it would lead us. Yet, we stepped out in faith as our families entrusted us to this place. We could not have made it here without them, our teachers, and mentors who guided us. Señor, te damos gracias, por estas personas que se entregaron a sí mismas para asegurarse de que pudiéramos prosperar.

The road has been long and difficult but you have supported us at each step. In the darkest of nights, after hours of studying, after tears and pain, we found solace. We also found professors and mentors, who shone the light for us in the darkness. We found dorm communities, classmates, and everlasting friendships. Our brothers and sisters who held our hands in the worst moments, who hugged us in the happiest moments, and who cherished us in the most vulnerable moments. We found your priestly servants and the staff of the University who listened to our cries, wiped our tears, and consoled us. We have also shared laughs, joy, and fellowship with these people. Thank you for all who have supported us along the way.

Soon, we embark on a new journey; one beyond the Golden Dome. We thank you for those who will walk with us and continue to support us. May we be attentive to all who need a helping hand and give of ourselves, united in Notre Dame, our Mother. In your mercy, may we always do what is just, bring joy and light to the world, and hope in the Cross. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

Please be seated.