Marketing professor honored by leading journal in the field

Author: Dennis Brown

Elizabeth S. Moore, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame, has received an honorable mention from the Journal of Consumer Research in its annual Robert Ferber Award competition.p. The award, which comes from the leading journal in the field, is in recognition of the outstanding articles based on doctoral dissertations to appear in the publication. Moore will be recognized at an awards presentation in October.p. Titled “Children, Advertising, and Product Experiences: A Multimethod Inquiry,” Moore’s article is based on a study in which she found for the first time that children who saw advertising of a product before using it judged it differently than those who never saw the ad or saw it after the fact.p. The study, which was coauthored by Richard J. Lutz from the University of Florida, also made the counterintuitive finding that older children, with more sophisticated cognitive skills, can be more deeply affected by advertising than younger kids.p. Moore’s research focused on second- and fifth-graders and how they reacted to advertising for a variety of foods commonly marketed to children. It incorporated both experimentation and in-depth interviews.p. Moore joined the Notre Dame faculty last year after previously teaching and conducting research at the University of Illinois and Boston College. She earned her doctorate in business administration and master’s degree in education from the University of Florida and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mount Holyoke College.p. In addition to her research on the effects of advertising on children, Moore studies intergenerational influences on consumers’ product preferences, consumer decision-making within families, and the impact of marketing on society. Her previous work has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Advances in Consumer Research, among others.p. A more detailed story on Moore’s work is featured in Notre Dame’s online research magazine, Lumen, at

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