Lecture to describe implant experiment


Kevin Warwick, a professor of cybernetics at Reading University in Great Britain, will present a lecture titled “Cyborg Engineering: Practical Experiments Using Implant Technology” at 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 19) in Room 131 of DeBartolo Hall at the University of Notre Dame. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Warwick shocked the international scientific community in 1998 by having a silicon chip transponder surgically implanted into his left arm. In a series of further experiments in 2002, neurosurgeons linked his nervous system to a computer. This enabled him to control technology by means of his own brain signals, to try out an extra (ultrasonic) sense, and to carry out the world’s first direct nervous system-to-nervous system communication.

In his lecture, Warwick will describe his experiment and discuss the route to brain implantation and the attempt to communicate by thought signals alone.

Warwick has published more than 400 papers on artificial intelligence, control and robotics, and several books, including “I Cyborg,” which describes his implant experimentation.

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