“Market maestro” finishes 14th in Barron’s Challenge

Author: Dennis K. Brown


Carolyn Plummer, the University of Notre Dames “market maestro,” finished in 14th place in a nationwide stock-picking contest sponsored by the weekly investment magazine Barrons.

A violinist and associate professor of music, Plummer scored a 13.4 percent return in the 10-week Barrons Challenge in which 69 college professors invested an imaginary $100,000 portfolio.

By comparison, the Dow rose 6.1 percent, the Nasdaq climbed 14 percent, and the S&P was up 8.2 percent over the course of the contest from Oct. 1 to Dec. 15.

Though she emphasizes shes no expert, Plummer is a longtime investor, who, when not making music, often can be found analyzing financial reports and studying expert opinions.

Plummers twin sister, Kathryn, a viola professor at Vanderbilt University, also participated in the Barrons Challenge and – thanks to some tips from the more experienced Carolyn – topped her twin with an 11th-place finish on a 15.6 percent rate of return.

The magazine also conducted a separate contest for college students.

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