June 25,1999 - Newswire Release

Author: Dennis Brown

Professor Enderle can be reached for comment on his new book, as well as breaking news related to international business ethics, at (219) 631-5595 or at enderle.1@nd.edu .
p. The complexities of business ethics on a global scale are examined in a new book edited by Georges Enderle, Arthur and Mary O’Neil Professor of International Business Ethics at the University of Notre Dame. Published by Notre Dame Press, “International Business Ethics: Challenges and Approaches” (446 pages) includes the work of 39 contributors, half of them from non-Western countries, who initially presented their papers in 1996 at the First World Congress of Business, Economics and Ethics.p. “International business ethics is a fairly new field of investigation,” Enderle writes in the introduction. "This new field is emerging not because it has been designed by academics, but primarily because international business itself has dramatically developed since the 1980s. It has brought about plenty of ethical implications and challenges.p. “This volume … proposes illuminating perspectives and signposts for this widely uncharted field, and reports about specific ethical commitments of business leaders and organizations. …It contains outstanding articles from practical as well as multidisciplinary perspectives, and delineates the contours of how international business ethics may develop at the turn of the millennium.”p. The contributors explore topics such as the need for a differentiated economic analysis beyond simple profit maximization, the active participation of the world’s religions in coping with global business issues, information technology in different cultures, and the roles and responsibilities of transnational corporations.p. Enderle has been a faculty member in the Department of Marketing at Notre Dame since 1992 , before which he taught and conducted research in ethics and economics at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. In addition to searching for common ethical ground for international business, he also studies the contributions the world’s religions might make toward establishing that common ground.p. Enderle was educated in philosophy at the Philosophische Hochschule in Munich and also studied at the Faculte de Theologie in Lyon, France. He has earned two doctoral degrees ? in economics from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and in business ethics from the University of St. Gallen.p. The business ethics curriculum at Notre Dame is ranked No. 1 in the nation by Business Week.

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