International symposium scheduled for Aug. 9-12

Author: William G. Gilroy and Nina Welding


The University of Notre Dame will host the 11th International Symposium on Flow Visualization (ISFV-11) Aug. 9-12.p. Thomas J. Mueller, Notre Dames Roth-Gibson Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, is chairman of the symposium. According to Mueller, the conference originated in 1977 with the goal of providing a global forum for communication and information exchange in the broad field of flow visualization as it is applied to a variety of fields. These include experimental and computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, metallurgy, meteorology, oceanography, biomedical, food and agricultural technology.p. Sessions at the symposium will cover such topics as direct injection, electronic sparks and discharge, holography and holographic interferometry, laser sheet imaging, laser induced fluorescence, particle image velocimetry, thermal and mass transfer indicators (thermography, sublimation, luminescent and paints), image processing and image assisted methods, graphical display of data sets and numerical flow visualization.p. This is only the third time the symposium has been held in the United States and the first time at the University. Notre Dame has a distinguished history in flow visualization dating from the 1930s when Professor Frank N.M. Brown first developed equipment and techniques for accurate smoke visualization in wind tunnels. In fact, contributions to aircraft technology from the Universitys aerospace engineering laboratories long have been recognized for the development of low-turbulence, subsonic, transonic and supersonic smoke-visualization wind tunnels.p. Sponsors of ISFV-11 include Notre Dames Office of the Provost, Office of Research, College of Engineering, Center for Flow Physics and Control and the Roth-Gibson, Viola D. Hank and Clark endowments.p. For more information on the symposium, visit . For information on Notre Dames history and current efforts in flow visualization, visit .p. Contact: Thomas J. Mueller, Roth-Gibson Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, 574-631-7073, . p. __

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