Hand in Hand: Notre Dame Architecture believes everyone can draw

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Architecture undergraduate student Garrett Nagorzanski works on a watercolor in sketching class.

Connor Patrick applied his brush to the paper, drawing a bead of pigment and water in a way that he hoped would create a smooth transition from lighter to darker color.

The first several attempts hadn’t worked out so well. The reds and oranges kept bleeding outside the hand-drawn lines and splotching together. But the sophomore from Albany, New York, is patient. This first assignment is a triangle with color shading to make it look three-dimensional, and the practice was a row of rectangles in progressively lighter shading.

He trusts his professor’s counsel that drawing and painting are not just a matter of talent. He believes he can master the skills. But this is not an art class, and it’s not his major.

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