Government and international studies professor publishes new book

Author: Rachael Protzman

p. Michael P. Zuckert, Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor of Government and International Studies at the University of Notre Dame, examines the philosophical and religious thought of John Locke in a new book published this month by the University Press of Kansas.p. In “Launching Liberalism: On Lockean Political Philosophy,” Zuckert presents more than a dozen essays that explore Locke’s engagement with his philosophical and theological predecessors, his significant influence on later liberal thinkers, and his transformation of political understanding in the Anglo-American world.p. Zuckert is the author of “Natural Rights and the New Republicanism,” published by Princeton Press, and “The Natural Rights Republic,” published by Notre Dame Press and named an Outstanding Book for 1997 by Choice Magazine. He coauthored and coproduced the public radio series “Mr. Adams and Mr. Jefferson: A Nine Part Drama for the Radio” and is at work on a book titled “Completing the Constitution: The Post-Civil War Amendments.”p. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Zuckert teaches political philosophy, American constitutional law and theory, and American political thought. He previously has taught at Carleton College, Cornell University, Claremont Men’s College, Fordham University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan.


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