Father Nuzzi is co-editor of first encyclopedia of Catholic education



Rev. Ronald J. Nuzzi, director of the University of Notre Dames Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Leadership Program, is one of three editors of an unprecedented two-volume encyclopedia of Catholic education.

Catholic Schools in the United States : An Encyclopedia,” was published by Greenwood Press and edited by Father Nuzzi with Thomas C. Hunt , professor of teacher education, and Ellis A. Joseph , dean emeritus of the school of education and allied health professions at the University of Dayton. It is a comprehensive reference book on all aspects of Catholic education for students, parents, policy makers, school personnel, scholars and anyone curious about the history and present situation of Americas Catholic schools.

The encyclopedia includes some 340 entries by more than 35 contributors on the unique Catholic school network, originally established in 17th century Florida and Louisiana, which subsequently became indispensable to the American educational system. Its articles address the American historical and social contexts, the effects and influences of the Vatican, and the religious and secular educational missions of Catholic schools.

Daniel F. Curtin, an official with the National Catholic Educational Association, said Father Nuzzi and his colleagues “have provided a valuable and rich reference tool on all aspects of Catholic education. No volume currently exists that addresses various topics related to Catholic education on such a comprehensive scale.”

According to Sister Lourdes Sheehan, R.S.M., associate general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “Scholars, reporters and practitioners will welcome this comprehensive resource on Catholic education in the United States. I am confident that it will be widely used by those interested in knowing more about the tremendous gift which Catholic education is to the Church and to society.”

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