Faculty distinctions

Author: Shannon Roddel

Four University of Notre Dame faculty members recently have been honored for their scholarship and contributions to their respective areas of study.

David M. Klein , associate professor of sociology and member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1976, has been named a fellow of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR).Klein, who specializes in family sociology, is co-author ofFamily Theoriesand author and editor ofSourcebook of Family Theories and Methods: A Contextual Approach.He has served the NCFR as a member of the Long Range Planning, Public Policy Methods and Reuben Hill Award Selection Committees and the Technology Task Force.

Don A. Howard , professor of philosophy, has been elected a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).He was honored for his ground-breaking studies of the interplay between physics and the philosophy of science in the 20th century, especially in connection with the work of Einstein and Bohr, and for fostering dialogue between physicists and philosophers and historians of science.

Stephen Fallon , professor in the Program of Liberal Studies and of English, has received a Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title award forMiltons Peculiar Grace,published by Cornell University Press.The book provides a new view of 17th century English poet John Miltons life and his importance for contemporary literary theory.Fallon, a scholar of Milton and early modern literature and intellectual history, also is the author ofMilton Among the Philosophersand co-editor ofThe Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton.He co-founded and continues to teach a course on literary and philosophical classics at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend.

Robert Sedlack , an assistant professor of design who focuses on design for social betterment, is the recipient of the Cornerstone Peacebuilding Award from the Indianapolis Peace Institute.In addition, Sedlacks design forThe Book of Portraiturewas selected by Print magazine for its year-end Regional Design Annual issue.The book also was recognized last year by Graphic Design USA Magazine.

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