Executive MBA Program ranked 30th worldwide by Financial Times

Author: Dennis Brown

The Executive MBA Program (EMBA) at the University of Notre Dame has been ranked 30th worldwide in the first survey of such programs by the Financial Times (FT) newspaper of London. Released today (Oct. 22), the survey was based on three major criteria:p. ? Career progression of graduates, with the primary factor being the percentage increase in salary of alumni from when they started an EMBA program to the presentp. ? The diversity and international experience of students, faculty and advisory council and board membersp. ? Published research by faculty in leading journalsp. p. Areas in which Notre Dame’s program excelled included the increase in salary upon earning an EMBA and on the survey’s work experience index, which rated the level of job experience of EMBA participants.p. “The Financial Times conducted and published a comprehensive evaluation of the value of an EMBA degree,” said Carolyn Woo, Martin J. Gillen Dean of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. “This is interesting, as our program turns on the pair of words ‘value and values.’ We believe that business can be a very constructive force for personal and community advancement. However, the capacity to make a difference comes from within, not afar. The Notre Dame EMBA program stands on the belief that true success requires leading a proactive, productive and principled life within a world of constant change.”p. The EMBA Program at Notre Dame was founded in 1982, with a separate division for noncredit courses created a year later. A two-year program, the EMBA is designed to prepare mid- to upper-level managers for succession to senior management. Classes are held all day Friday and Saturday on alternating weekends, making it possible for students to earn a master’s degree while maintaining full-time employment.p. The EMBA Program developed a distance learning component in 1995, making it easier for professionals from other parts of the Midwest to earn an advanced business degree from Notre Dame. Based upon a state-of-the-art videoconferencing system, the distance learning program has been cited as the best in higher education and currently is available at four off-campus locations ? Motorola University in Schaumburg, Ill.; the RCI facility in Indianapolis; Owens-Illinois, Inc., headquarters in Toledo, Ohio; and KMK Consulting Company, LLC, in downtown Cincinnati.p. In addition, Notre Dame will begin offering a new EMBA Program in downtown Chicago in January. Faculty from the Mendoza College of Business will teach on alternating weekends at the Michigan Plaza in the Summit Executive Center, 205 N. Michigan Ave.p. Ten of the top 11 programs in the FT survey were based in or drew the majority of their students from one of four major cities ? Chicago, New York, London or Madrid.

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