Conference to examine political and economic impact of Euro

Author: Erik Runyon

As the European Union approaches the first anniversary of the introduction of a new single currency, an international panel of scholars will assemble in December for a conference at the University of Notre Dame to explore the implications and ramifications of currency change for citizens and institutions throughout Europe and beyond.p. Titled “The Year of the Euro” and organized by Notre Dame’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies, the conference will assemble a distinguished group of participants to debate and examine the impact of the new single currency on identities, the movement of people, the meaning of borders, social policies and rights, and the agendas adopted by political actors. It will take place Dec. 6-8 (Friday-Sunday) at McKenna Hall.p. While focusing largely on the consequences and challenges located outside the European economy itself, the seminar also will contribute to understanding whether currency union will produce major long-term changes in the 12 participating countries. Correspondingly, participants will review the series of political and economic aspirations for currency transformation and convergence which ultimately entrenched the Euro in the fabric of daily life for millions of Europeans.p. The conference has been convened by Notre Dame’s Robert Fishman, associate professor of sociology, and Anthony Messina, associate professor of political science. It is cosponsored by the European Union and Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Office of Research in the Graduate School, Henkels Lecture Series, Keough Institute for Irish Studies, and Departments of Political Science and Sociology. The full conference agenda and information are available on the Web at or by phone at 631-5253.

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