Conference to examine Internet2


The University of Notre Dame’s Office of Information Technologies and University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development will host Internet2 Day on Thursday (March 13) in the DeBartolo Hall auditorium.p. The all-day conference will focus on the status and uses of Intrenet2, the ultra-fast information processing network that connects more than 200 U.S. colleges, research facilities, government sites and corporations. Internet2 Day is open, free of charge, to University faculty, staff and students and the general public.p. Presenters at the conference will include Steve Corbato, director of network infrastructure for Internet2, who will provide an overview of network operations, and Ann Doyle, Internet2’s program manager for the arts and humanities. Doyle will discuss how Internet2 is furthering cooperative efforts in arts and letters among participating universities.p. “While science, engineering and technology researchers have already recognized Internet2 as a viable collaboration channel, now arts and letters people also are realizing its potential,” said Gordon Wishon, Notre Dame’s chief information officer. “For example, the ability of Internet2 to handle real-time streaming video and high-quality audio makes it a compelling platform for multimedia and the performing arts.”p. The conference, which will begin at 8:45 a.m. with remarks from Notre Dame Provost Nathan Hatch, will be multicast to approximately 200 universities and research centers over the Internet2 Internet Protocol (IP) TV system.p.

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