Cardinal Kevin Farrell: Blessing to the Class of 2017

Author: Notre Dame News

As we bring these Commencement Exercises to a close, let us pause for a few moments in the “shadow of the Dome” and under the watchful eyes of Jesus to thank God for the many gifts we have received and to seek his blessings for the future. We thank you, Lord, for the intellectual, spiritual and human development we have been privileged to experience -- we thank you for those who have made it possible: our parents and loved ones, the faculty and administration of this great University and the many fellow students who sustained and encouraged us on the journey. As we now fix our gaze on the horizon we seek your blessings, Lord, so that the principles and values the Dome symbolizes may be the guiding force in all that we undertake. May our lives embody the values on which our Alma Mater was founded -- love, kindness, mercy, compassion and the pursuit of peace for all. Give us faith, courage and wisdom to accept the challenges ahead; help us to be strong leaders in our communities -- guiding with intelligence, kindness and hope, creatively seeking truth, justice and peace in our world, especially for the less fortunate. Graciously assist us, Lord, in defining ourselves, not as bystanders in an information-driven society, but as active participants in the endeavor of promoting the development of our nation and our world. Bless us, Lord, so that we may make a difference in our communities; inspire us always to keep the human person as the center and recipient of all of our endeavors. And we ask you, Lord, to bless us in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God bless you all.