Body of Chad Sharon is found

Author: Matthew V.Storin

At a press conference on campus Wednesday evening, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., president of the University, made the following statement:p. The entire Notre Dame family is really saddened by the news we received today of Chad Sharon’s death. I speak on behalf of our faculty, and staff and administration and trustees, but most of all on behalf of the students, particularly those who shared a common dormitory with Chad or were members of the First Year of Studies. p. All of us want to convey our profound sympathy to Chad’s parents, Jane and Steve Sharon, whom I had a chance to meet with on their recent visit to the campus. They were trying to keep hope alive for themselves and for all of us that he would be returned safely to them. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Father Mark Poorman (vice president of student affairs), conveyed the message to them today. And the University will be flying them down here tomorrow so they can be here to recover the body. p. All of us in this Catholic university at times like this are comforted by our common faith in the Risen Lord. And so we entrust Chad into the arms of a loving God, and we seek, as a community of faith, to comfort his parents, as well as all those who mourn his loss. p. Sharon, 18, from Pelican Lake, Wis., last was seen by friends at an off-campus party. He had been attending Notre Dame on a full academic scholarship. He was a resident of Fisher Hall.p.

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