A meeting — and healing — of worlds: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visits Notre Dame

Pope Francis appoints Notre Dame theologian to International Theological Commission

Black Catholic Theological Symposium to convene 31st annual meeting at Notre Dame

Notre Dame to host consultation session, lecture on Church’s sex abuse crisis and lessons derived from truth and reconciliation processes

Holocaust historian speaks on the value of mutual assistance and maintaining human dignity in 13th annual Rev. Bernie Clark, C.S.C., Lecture

Pope Francis appoints 2 Notre Dame theologians as consultors for the Congregation for the Eastern Churches

Historian offers first deep dive into secret German-Soviet alliance that laid groundwork for WWII

PLS professor wins book prize for research shedding new light on role of women religious in the Middle Ages 

American studies professor wins prize for scholarship in American humor

Senior art history major Meg Burns awarded Luce Scholarship

Notre Dame psychologist receives National Academy of Sciences recognition

Three philosophers awarded NEH fellowships, continuing Notre Dame’s record success

American studies professor wins Frederick Douglass Book Prize

Former Notre Dame economist Christopher Waller confirmed to Federal Reserve Board

Professor’s research on slaves’ courtroom testimony garners multiple book awards

Film scholar wins Guggenheim fellowship for research on placelessness in American cinema

Virtuoso organist and scholar Kola Owolabi to join Notre Dame music and sacred music faculty

In memoriam: Paul A. Rathburn, professor emeritus of English, founder of Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Psychologist receives NIH grant to launch intervention program for pregnant women exposed to violence

American studies professor awarded Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship to support work on Latinx murals of Pilsen

English professor Laura Dassow Walls wins 2018 Phi Beta Kappa book award

Psychologist awarded $2.7 million grant to evaluate interventions to improve mental and physical health in maltreated children

College of Arts and Letters launches new minor in musical theater

English professor Laura Dassow Walls wins Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Thoreau biography

Anthropologist to deliver prestigious Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh

Notre Dame psychologist Jessica Payne named a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow

Political scientist wins NEH fellowship, continuing Notre Dame’s record success

2017 Sheedy Award winner Jessica Collett praised for enthusiasm and innovation in teaching sociology

O’Neill Hall: A crown jewel for music performance and scholarship

Q&A with Jason Ruiz, associate professor of American studies