Asian Pacific Alumni mark 10-year anniversary with awards



The University of Notre Dames Asian Pacific Alumni (APA) marked its 10-year anniversary by presenting newly established awards to 34 people last month.

Both the Distinguished and Exemplary Asian Pacific Alumni of Notre Dame Awards recognize commitment to God, country and Notre Dame through accomplishments, service and leadership.

Recipients of the Distinguished APA Award are Dominic QuimboGalicia, Reggie Ho, Robert Lee, Justin Liu, Cecilia Lucero, Eduardo Malapit, Rona Reodica, Stacie OHalloran San Miguel and Ronald M. Wong.Rev. George Minamiki was honored posthumously.

Exemplary APA Award winners are Stephanie San Miguel Bauman, Brian Banas, Jenny Boully, Michelle Carlos, Paul Henry Coleman, Erica Deiparine-Sugars, Anthony Garces-Foley, Patricia Geiger, Binh Huynh, Michael Jenkins, Bonnie Mak, Henry Mark, Brian McLaughlin, Steven S. Morita, Gita Pullapilly, Alfonso M. Quintans, Peter Tan, Augusto Villalon, Oanh Vo-Liu, Michelle Whaley, Pit-Mann Wong, Jeannie Wong-Lin, Robert M. Yang and Kwok K. Yeung.

The Asian Pacific Alumni of Notre Dame was founded in 1995 to increase the presence and enhance the experiences of Asian Pacific members within the Notre Dame family, including faculty, students and alumni.

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