News / Archives / December 1998

"260 Students Will Take "Plunge"

John Howard Yoder Dialogues on Nonviolence, Religion and Peace

Yoder gift to establish an endowed lectureship in her late husband's memory

Students, faculty, and staff protest the bombing of Iraq

Kenny endows a library collection in Medieval studies

Faculty members write on the relationship between Catholicism and Western political liberalism

Challenge grant received to support an endwoment for a faculty fellows fund

University of Oklahoma political scientist examines media, violence, family decline and gambling

Privatization Would Mostly Aid Wall Street

A collection of Kaeser photographs has been published by Notre Dame Press

Cinema at the Snite schedule

Students pray for the abolition of capital punishment

Snite Foundation grant to endow fellowships in the master's in business administration program

Asian American Association will present its annual fashion and cultural show

O' Brien will join Father Hesburgh for a book signing