April 6,1999 - Newswire Release

by Dennis Brown

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p. More than 100 University of Notre Dame faculty members have agreed to serve on eight task forces that will develop a Plan for Academic Advance, according to the University’s provost, Nathan O. Hatch.p. Initiated at the direction of Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., the plan will build on the University’s progress to date in achieving goals of the Colloquy for the Year 2000 and set out new guidelines in Notre Dame’s quest for excellence. The process is in part a continuation of the University’s self-examination when it was considering membership in the Big Ten Conference and its academic consortium, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.p. “Our purpose in undertaking the development of this plan is to assess the state of the University at the halfway point in the implementation of the Colloquy for the Year 2000 and to consider suggestions for modifying or expanding our current efforts,” Hatch said. “My sense is that to date we have made great strides in increasing the size and quality of the faculty, in enhancing scholarship aid for students, and in building an infrastructure for research and teaching. Now is an appropriate time to review our priorities and to develop concrete steps to continue progress toward our aspirations.”p. Hatch has asked the task force members for specific suggestions of how, in the near term, Notre Dame can continue building the nation’s premier Catholic university. He challenged each group to find better ways to channel the University’s collective energies and resources while working within the parameters of the Colloquy and with a full realization of current budget realities.p. “The focus must be to review current priorities and recommend how best to reorient them,” Hatch said.p. The plan to be submitted to Father Malloy will build on the efforts of the eight task forces, which are conducting their work between now and the end of the current academic term. All members of the Provost’s Advisory Committee (PAC) have been asked to serve on one of the task forces, each of which is comprised of eight to 10 faculty members, including deans, senior academic administrators from the provost’s office, chaired professors, and representatives of the Faculty Senate.p. Each task force will present a report to PAC, which then will assess their salient features and interrelationships. Hatch will meld the task force reports with feedback from PAC into a final plan to be presented to Father Malloy.p. The task forces and their members are as follows:


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