Amnesty International concert raises funds for Afghan refugees

Author: Dennis Brown

A concert sponsored by the University of Notre Dame chapter of Amnesty International raised $1,000 Saturday in support of the Catholic Relief Services refugee camps for Afghans fleeing to Pakistan.p. Ten campus bands and solo performers participated in the concert at Notre Dame’s Alumni-Senior Club. In addition to raising funds, organizers distributed information and circulated petitions on human rights issues in Afghanistan, including a call for the inclusion of women in a new Afghan government.p. The participating musicians who donated their time and talent were Lester, The Begin Again, Mark Lang, Station One, Luke Mueller and Pat Moran, Wild Bill’s Bluegrass Brigade, Jamie Klang, Skammunists, Mike Makens, and No Redeeming Qualities.p. The audience included students from local high school chapters of Amnesty International.

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