All students in London accounted for and safe

Author: Dennis Brown


None of the more than 100 University of Notre Dame students studying inLondonthis summer was injured in the terrorist attacks in the city Thursday (July 7).

All of the 77 students enrolled inNotre DameLawSchools London Summer Program, as well as faculty and staff, have been accounted for and are safe. The 32 undergraduates and two faculty members participating in the Summer Engineering Program inLondonalso are accounted for and were uninjured.

TheLawSchoolprogram is conducted from June 27 to Aug. 3, and theCollegeofEngineeringprogram runs from June 26 to Aug. 5.

In addition, two students participating in internships inGreat Britainthrough Notre Dames Student International Business Council are safe and well.

British authorities have reported more than 50 people were killed and 700 injured in four bombings that are believed to be the work of Islamic terrorists.

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