Aerospace engineer publishes book on aircraft design

Author: William G. Gilroy

Thomas C. Corke, the University of Notre Dame’s Clark Equipment Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, has published a new book on aircraft design for professionals in the aerospace engineering field.p. Titled “Design of Aircraft,” the book demonstrates how theoretical aspects of airplane aerodynamics, aircraft structures, stability and control, propulsion and compressible flows can be applied to produce a new conceptual aircraft design.p. The text is intended for use in capstone design courses which aerospace engineering students take after theory courses in aerodynamics, propulsion, flight control and aircraft structures.p. Corke, who also is founding director of Notre Dame’s Center for Flow Physics and Control, specializes in the study of fluid mechanics. He earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, all in mechanical and aerospace engineering, from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). His doctoral thesis, funded by NASA, brought him the first of two NASA Achievement Awards he has earned in his career.p. Corke joined the IIT faculty after completing his doctorate in 1981 and reached the rank of full professor there before coming to Notre Dame in 1999.p. He was the principal designer of the $4-million National Diagnostic Facility at IIT, has been a frequent consultant to industry, and has a long history of research involvement with the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.p.

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