85 staff members honored at luncheon

Author: Shannon Roddel


The University of Notre Dame presented Awards of Excellence to 85 employees during a luncheon held Aug. 11 in the Joyce Center.p. University President Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., presented Team Irish Awards, which honor teams of staff and administrators who “collaborate on a value-added project, process or other significant initiative that brings about radical positive change, improves the department’s performance and image, and contributes to the University’s goals.” Team Irish Award winners were:p. • Human Resources/Office of Information Technologies, Online Benefit Open Enrollment TeamChristine Atkins, Theresa Dockery, Jack Gibbs, Joan Huang, Shobha Kamat, Sandy Kemp, Vivek Kumar, Dean Lingley, Shelin Mathews, Michelle Piper, Christie Scheidel, Kelly Shubert, Janet Shulaw, Dee Dee Sterling, Kimberly Umbaugh and Tim Wilson.p. • Relay for Life TeamJocie Antonelli, Jessica Brookshire, Gina Firth, Kathy Fischer, Ruthann Heberle, Nancy Majerek, Jo Minton, Lori Morgan, Wendy Mott, Kara OLeary, Rex Rakow, Gary Shumaker, Jackie Strabley, Miki Strabley, Kay Stewart and Pat Trost.p. • Laboratory for Social Research, Teacher Course Evaluations TeamCarla May, Melissa Mersits, Marlyn Ritchie and Debi Smith.p. • Office of Research, Research Administration Support TeamMary Ann Clark, Valerie Kelver, Shanda Wirt and Erin Ytterberg.p. Father Malloy presented Awards of Merit to 10 employees. The award is presented to staff and administrators who “exemplify exceptional performance and demonstrate integrity and service to the Notre Dame community.” The recipients were:p. Jim Falkiner, Mendoza College of Business; Laura Jones, Food Services; Debra Kabzinski, Program of Liberal Studies; Warren Kubitschek, Center for Research on Educational Opportunity; Carole Martin, mathematics; Tracy McCaster, Food Services; Michael McFarland, physics; Barbara Ritty, law libraries; Kathleen Stopczynski, Building Services; and Anne Zakas, Higgins Labor Research Center.p. Father Malloy presented Presidential Awards to five people who “exemplify consistently outstanding performance and demonstrate integrity and service not only to Notre Dame but also to the surrounding community.” Presidential Award recipients were: Steve Camilleri, Notre Dame Vocational Initiative; Rita Grontkowski, First Year of Studies; Doug Marsh, University architect; Loretta Wasmuth, biological sciences; and Priscilla Wong, Campus Ministry.p. Twenty-nine staff members and one department received the Spirit Award, which is presented to those who “positively impact the lives of co-workers, students, visitors and the campus community.” The honorees were: Ellen Gunn, Janice Kolberg, Stella Kirkman, Donna Collins, Daniel Handley and Julie Scott, from Building Services; Nita Minix, Mike Kmitta and Susan Sheets, from Food Services; Patricia Brubaker and Betsy Creary, from University Health Services; Maureen Metcalf, Rita Egendoerfer, Debra Bennett and Nonka Sevova, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Christopher Michael Paladino, Center for Social Concerns; Leigh Taylor, University Libraries; Debra Kleiser, Executive Education; Lori-Ann Edinborough and Debby Herczeg, from MBA admissions; Sherry Reichold, Classics; Suzanne Aleva, physics; Margaret Clinninger, Medieval Institute; Matt Uebelher, the Morris Inn; Jack Woolley, Procurement Services; Matt Klawitter, Notre Dame Web Group; Deborah Jane Gabaree, General Counsel; Jordan Lee, payroll; Karen Anderson, research department of the Office of Development; and the entire current periodicals/microtext unit from the Hesburgh Librarys access services division.p.

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