46 faculty members receive Kaneb teaching awards

The University of Notre Dame has selected 46 outstanding undergraduate faculty members as recipients of the fifth annual Kaneb Teaching Awards. The honored teachers will be recognized May 16 (Sunday) during the University’s 159th Commencement exercises.p. Created with a gift from Notre Dame Trustee John A. Kaneb, the awards demonstrate the full extent of teaching excellence at the University. The Kaneb Awards are apportioned among faculty of the Universitys four undergraduate colleges and its School of Architecture. Each academic unit has established its own criteria for the awards, but all include student input, such as the results of studentsteacher course evaluations.p. Because their intent is to recognize teaching excellence that is demonstrated over time, the awards are given to faculty who have been active full time in undergraduate teaching for at least five years. The awards include a cash prize of $1,000.p. The Kaneb Teaching Award recipients for this year are:p. • In the College of Arts and Letters: Geraldine A. Ameriks, Carlos Jerez-Farran and Christian R. Moevs, Romance languages and literatures; Rev. Nicholas R. Ayo, C.S.C., Program of Liberal Studies; Steven J. Brady, history; James M. Collins and Siiri S. Scott, film, television and theatre; Alan K. Dowty, political science; Alfred J. Freddoso, Gary M. Gutting and Don A. Howard, philosophy; Agustin Fuentes and Ian Kuijt, anthropology; Kevin J. Hart, English; Scott E. Maxwell and David A. Smith, psychology; Ava Preacher, Core Program; Robert P. Schmuhl, American studies; Rabbi Michael A. Signer, theology; Daniel C. Stowe, music; Julie C. Turner, Institute for Educational Initiatives and psychology; Jennifer L. Warlick, economics.p. • In the College of Engineering: Danny Z. Chen, computer science and engineering; David T. Leighton, chemical and biomolecular engineering; Robert C. Nelson and Robert A. Howland, aerospace and mechanical engineering; Stephen E. Silliman, civil engineering and geological sciences; Gregory L. Snider, electrical engineering.p. • In the College of Science: Samuel R. Evens, Michael Gekhtman and Juan C. Migliore, mathematics; Rev. James K. Foster, C.S.C., preprofessional studies; Gregory V. Hartland, A. Graham Lappin and Olaf G. Wiest, chemistry and biochemistry; James J. Kolata, Anthony K. Hyder and Jonathan R. Sapirstein, physics.p. • In the Mendoza College of Business: Robert H. Battalio, Barry P. Keating and Timothy J. Loughran, finance; Carolyn Boulger and James S. ORourke IV, management; Kenneth W. Milani and Michael H. Morris, accountancy.p.

• In the School of Architecture: Robert L. Amicop.

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