ND in the News: April 2021

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  1. Becoming American: This unaccompanied minor nearly drowned coming to the US. Now he has a new life in Florida

    The foster care program overseen by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, known as the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program, has more stringent vetting and oversight than state-level foster care, said Lisa Koop, associate director of legal services at the National Immigrant Justice Center, a legal advocacy group that represents young immigrants.

    ND Experts

    Lisa Koop

    Lisa Koop

    Notre Dame Law School

  2. Professor Hui on U.S.-China Climate Talks, Taiwan Tensions


    University of Notre Dame Associate Professor Victoria Hui, discusses the U.S.-China climate meetings, tensions with Taiwan. 

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    Victoria Hui

    Victoria Hui

    Political Science

  3. Panel: Catholics, white Americans must reckon with their role in violence against Asian women

    The shooter was acting on a combination of anti-Asian racism, misogyny and Christian theology around sexual purity, said Tang, a doctoral student in theology and peace studies at Notre Dame, in an April 8 panel hosted by Notre Dame's Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.

  4. China Rivalry Spurs Republicans and Democrats to Align on Tech Spending

    The hearing featured testimony from academics at several universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame and Mississippi State University, who focused on how to make more efficient use of federal research dollars.

  5. Survey: Nearly 1 in 3 contribute to a crowdfunding drive

    Charities could broaden their reach by asking supporters to tap their networks for gifts, says Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, a professor of nonprofit law at the University of Notre Dame Law School. 

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    Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

    Lloyd Mayer

    Notre Dame Law School

  6. Americans have a long history of waiting in line, but waiting for vaccinations feels different

    University of Notre Dame sociologist David R. Gibson took a stab at describing these unspoken rules with his 2008 paper, “Doing Time in Space: Line Formation Rules and Resultant Morphologies.”

  7. More colleges make Covid vaccines mandatory for students

    In just the last few days, Duke University, Brown, Northeastern University, the University of Notre Dame, Syracuse University and Ithaca College all announced that students returning to campus in the fall must be fully vaccinated before the first day of class.

  8. US colleges divided over requiring student vaccinations

    At the University of Notre Dame, one of the latest schools to require student vaccinations, shots are still optional for workers. 

  9. More Colleges Say They'll Require Students To Have COVID-19 Vaccines For Fall

    The University of Notre Dame; two Ivy League universities, Brown and Cornell; and Northeastern University in Massachusetts are among those requiring the vaccine for the fall. 

  10. Book Brief: A new thriller from Gianrico Carofiglio, plus new titles by Mel Giedroyc and Claire Fuller

    In these 15 insightful pieces, Robert Kennedy’s daughter Kerry, former Bernie Sanders adviser Tad Devine, Obama speechwriter Cody Keenan plus regular Review writer Robert Schmuhl are among the contributors who look at JFK’s enduring legacy.

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    Robert Schmuhl

    Robert Schmuhl

    American Studies

  11. Johnson & Johnson dose allocation to fall 85% next week; Notre Dame latest university to require vaccination: Latest COVID-19 updates

    The University of Notre Dame announced Thursday that it would become the latest college to require all students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for the fall semester.