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Slashing $600 Unemployment Benefits Would Be ‘Absolutely Devastating’ For U.S. Economy

The Guardian

US economy suffers worst quarter since the second world war as GDP shrinks by 32.9%

Economy Shrinks at Record 32.9% Pace Due to Pandemic Read Newsmax: U.S. Economy Shrinks at Record 32.9% Pace in Second Quarter


COVID-19 sinks U.S. economy in second quarter; labor market struggling

Coronavirus triggers biggest US economic plunge on record; ASX falls sharply

Business Insider

'Plenty of tricks up their sleeve': Here's what 4 experts think about the Fed's dismal economic forecast and extension of near-zero rates

The Guardian

US unemployment declines to 13.3% as economy added 2.5m jobs in May

Weekly unemployment claims fall below 2 million nationwide, but rise in California

New York Post

US workers file 1.9 million more jobless claims as crisis total tops 42 million

The Guardian

New US unemployment claims reached 1.9m last week despite rate of increase slowing

New unemployment claims decline, but economists project long, slow recovery from outbreak

Business Insider

US weekly jobless claims hit 2.1 million, bringing the 10-week total to more than 40 million

Fox News

Record jobless claims mean we must heed these lessons from the Great Recession

US jobless claims keep climbing to hit 38.6m since lockdowns began

Fox News

Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on US jobs might not be fully captured until June

Fox News

Unemployment surged to 14.7% in April, highest since Great Depression, as coronavirus triggered 20.5 million job losses

The Guardian

20m Americans lost their jobs in April in worst month since Great Depression

10 Key Stock to Watch Over the Next Few Months

Unemployment Is Shrinking But More Pain Is Coming

Business Insider

States are emptying their unemployment funds, and even the federal fund designed as a backstop is likely to run out of money

Business Insider

Here's what 5 economists are saying about unemployment after 26 million Americans filed jobless claims in just 5 weeks

Professional Gamblers Could Get Unemployment Benefits Under The CARES Act

Fox News

Vegas gamblers might qualify for unemployment under CARES Act

US jobless claims due to coronavirus lockdown rise above 22 million


Professional gamblers in Nevada may now be able to collect unemployment

The Irish Times

More than 22m out of work in US as coronavirus takes economic toll

The Guardian

'Hit by a hurricane': 22m out of work in US as coronavirus takes heavy economic toll

What should you do with your stimulus check? Will it really help the economy?

USA Today

Stocks retreat following 3-day surge as investors await stimulus aid

Fox News

US unemployment claims shatter record as coronavirus hammers economy

U.S. unemployment claims shatter record as coronavirus concerns grow

What Might the Federal Reserve Do Next?

Local experts say coronavirus impact on stock market, travel, is mostly short-term

U.S. News & World Report

Stocks Plunge Despite Fed’s Coronavirus Rate Cut