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Biden administration moves to curtail toxic ‘forever chemicals’

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Lawmakers introduced 2 new bills after a study found popular beauty products may contain cancer-linked 'forever chemicals'

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Potentially Toxic Chemicals Called PFAS Are Common in Cosmetics, Study Finds

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‘Forever chemicals’ could be lurking in your lipstick

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Study shows PFAS widespread in cosmetics

Study: Many cosmetics contain unlisted, toxic 'forever chemicals'

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Study: Half of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

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Senate bill would ban toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in makeup, which new study found are often unlabeled

People May Be Absorbing "Forever Chemicals" Not Included In Makeup Ingredients Lists


More Than Half of Cosmetics Used in U.S. and Canada Contain Cancerous Chemicals, Study Shows

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Makeup products may contain potentially toxic PFAS chemicals, study warns


Makeup may contain potentially toxic chemicals called PFAS, study finds

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Firefighters sound alarm about toxic chemicals in protective suits, potential health risks