WVFI student run radio becomes global

Author: Julie Hail Flory

The University of Notre Dame’s student-run radio station, WVFI, is now a global Internet radio station and accessible to listeners around the world at http://wvfi.nd.edu p. Until November 1998 WVFI had been broadcasting on 640 amplitude modulation through a carrier current system on the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College campuses and was only accessible there. The station began broadcasting over the Internet in August 1999 in hopes of increasing the quality and convenience of its broadcasts. To further increase its accessibility, the station began to investigate the possibility of global status, which allows it to reach out around the world to prospective students, alumni, students abroad and family members, and affords its student staff a richer media experience. After many proposals and much research, WVFI became a globally broadcasting Internet station this month.p. For further information about WVFI’s global status, call Laurie McFadden, broadcast media coordinator, at (219) 631-9313.

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