Writing Center director to head national commission


Stuart Greene, associate professor of English and O’Malley Director of the University of Notre Dame’s Writing Program, has been appointed director of the Commission on Composition for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for 2003-06.p. A member of the Notre Dame faculty since 1997, Greene received his doctorate in 1990 from Carnegie Mellon University. His academic interests include writing, rhetoric and literacy?most specifically the relationship between writing, learning and the notion of authorship.p. A current member of the Commission on Composition, Greene has co-edited “Teaching Academic Literacy: The Uses of Teacher-Research in Developing a Writing Program,” “Educated in the USA: The Promises and Problems of Education in the United States,” and has published numerous articles. His current projects include a textbook titled “Argument as Inquiry: Learning How to Converse with Others’ Ideas in Writing.”p. The Commission on Composition reports each year on key issues concerning the teaching of writing, reviews the council’s actions concerning composition and recommends new projects. The commission also monitors NCTE publications and suggests new topics.p. The NCTE promotes literacy development through the teaching and learning of language arts at all levels. The council has been a forum for teachers of English since 1911; there are some 65,000 members and subscribers today.

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