Wall Street Journal rates Mendoza No. 15 nationally


A nationwide Wall Street Journal poll of corporate recruiters ranks the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business 15th overall and first in recruiter satisfaction.
p. The rankings, which appeared in Monday’s (April 30) Journal, are based on a survey of 1,600 corporate recruiters who rated MBA programs at 188 American and 56 foreign business schools. The recruiters based their rankings on 27 factors, among them core curriculum, faculty, leadership and teamwork potential of students, and return on (recruiter) investment.
p. Mendoza also was rated:
p. ? No. 2 in communications and interpersonal skills of its students
? No. 5 in return on (recruiter) investment
? No. 8 in long-term return on (recruiter) investment
? No. 9 among private schools
? No. 10 among small schools
? No. 10 among schools considered “hidden gems” by recruiters
p. Joining Notre Dame among the top 10 private schools were the business colleges from (in rank order) Dartmouth College; Carnegie Mellon, Yale and Northwestern Universities; the University of Chicago; and Harvard, Southern Methodist, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt Universities.
p. The Journal called Mendoza’s well-regarded business ethics curriculum its “most distinctive feature,” and also lauded the leadership and team-building skills of the University’s MBA students. “Notre Dame graduates are well aware of team dynamics and are comfortable both as members of the team and as team leaders,” one survey respondent said. “At some business schools, everyone wants to lead.”
p. The No. 1 rating in recruiter satisfaction refers to the quality of the college’s career services office in assisting corporate recruiters and placing students. The MBA career services program at Notre Dame has been significantly enhanced in the past two years with the opening of the Doermer Career Development Center, which features specialized recruiting software that allows companies to review resumes and students to review job postings on-line. In addition, a state-of-the-art videoconferencing system, which enables recruiters to interview students without leaving their corporate offices, is especially useful for overseas companies and for Mendoza students who spend a semester abroad in one of the college’s international study programs. The number of recruiters visiting Mendoza this year is up 21 percent over a year ago, according to Lee Junkans, senior director of MBA programs. “We are encouraged by this influx of new companies coming to campus ? especially in light of the uncertainties in the economy,” Junkans said. Carolyn Woo, Martin J. Gillen dean of the college, said she was pleased with the high national ranking. But she added, "It’s important to remember that rankings are imperfect and can’t come close to capturing what the Notre Dame message stands for and what our students mean to us. Notre Dame and the Mendoza College stand for a very important message ? one that integrates success with responsibility, intelligence with compassion, and individual achievement with caring about the campus community, the South Bend community and the world around us. The Journal’s report is available in an expanded “e-book” format on the World Wide Web at http://www.WSJbooks.com

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