Students launch fundraiser for Haiti relief

Ste. Rose Church, Léogâne, Haiti

The University of Notre Dame Student Government has launched a coordinated fundraiser for the victims of the Jan. 12 Haitian earthquake in collaboration with student clubs, organizations and residence halls.

Students have mounted donation boxes throughout campus to collect donations. Their locations include dining halls, campus restaurants and LaFortune Student Center.

“We are one of the most united student bodies in the country. As members of the Notre Dame community, I feel that it is our responsibility to step up and provide as much assistance and support as possible,” wrote student government president Grant Schmidt and vice president Cynthia Weber in an open letter to the student body last weekend.

Donations will be sent to agencies that provide direct relief to Haiti—the American Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services. Also designated is the Congregation of Holy Cross, whose Haiti provincial house and schools were devastated, and the Notre Dame Haiti Program, which works to eradicate the disease elephantiasis.

The students also have arranged to take credit-card donations.

Information about Notre Dame’s response to the Haiti earthquake is available on the Web at