Student Government plans candlelight rosary service in memory of Virginia Tech victims

Author: Shannon Roddel


A candlelight rosary service will be held at7:30 p.m.Friday (April 20) at the University of Notre Dames Grotto to remember the 32 students and faculty members killed Monday atVirginiaTechUniversity.The public is invited to attend.

Organized by Notre Dames Student Government, the service will include the lighting of 32 candles decorated with Virginia Tech ribbons.

Students also are collecting signatures on posters depicting the mascots of each of Notre Dames 27 residence halls to be sent to Virginia Tech as an expression of solidarity.A letter offering condolences from student body president Elizabeth Brown will be sent with the posters.

Posters are available for students to sign until8 and from11 a.m.to6 p.m.Friday in theLaFortuneStudentCenterand from11 a.m.to3 and Friday on the Fieldhouse Mall on campus.Students who sign the posters will receive ribbons in Virginia Techs colors and will be encouraged to wear maroon and orange in a further show of support.

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