Sophomore Literary Festival to take place Feb. 5-13

Author: Shannon Roddel

The 36th annual Sophomore Literary Festival at the University of Notre Dame has an unusually familial look that includes a Domer, an administrator from under the Dome, and the author of “Domers.”p. Scheduled for Feb. 5-13, the festival will feature satirist Joe Garden, poet Nikki Giovanni, playwright John Buffalo Mailer and three writers with strong connections to the University—alumnus Daniel Coyle, author of “Hardball: A Season in the Projects”; Sister Jean Lenz, O.S.F., assistant vice president for Student Affairs and the author of the recently published book “Loyal Sons and Daughters: A Notre Dame Memoir”; and Kevin Coyne, author of the 1993 book “Domers: A Year at Notre Dame.”p.

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