September 11, 2000 - Newswire Release

Author: Dennis Brown

Fanfare: The music for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2000 Olympic Games was arranged by Kenneth Dye , director of bands at Notre Dame. Dye is the arranger and composer for both a 10-minute band show, which will begin the ceremonies Friday (Sept. 15), and 90 minutes of music to accompany the athletes’ parade into the stadium. A total of 42 musical pieces will be incorporated into the parade, each reflecting the musical traditions of the various countries represented. A band of 2,000 high-school-aged musicians will perform Dye’s compositions on a field that will span more than two football fields. Rather than attending the Opening Ceremonies, Dye will stay home to direct the Notre Dame Marching Band during the football game against Purdue Sept. 16. Dye came to Notre Dame in 1998 from Rice University, where he was director of bands for 17 years and served 14 years as conductor of the Houston Concert Band. Dye can be reached for comment at (219) 631-3695. p.

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