Pope’s representative, Archbishop Sambi, visits Notre Dame



Archbishop Pietro Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, will be a participant in the Catholic Cultural Diversity Network Convocation from May 6 to 8 at the University of Notre Dame.

The three-day meeting, convened by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and hosted by Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life, will bring together some 300 leaders from diverse cultures, ethnicities and races in the Catholic Church of the United States to discuss ways to deepen unity among the country’s 68.5 million Catholics and to derive from their diversity a more robust sense of Catholic identity.

The convocation, which includes bishops, priests, professed religious, academics, and diocesan and parish leaders, will promote the interaction of six cultural and racial “families” of the Catholic Church: African-Americans; Asian and Pacific Islanders; European descendants; Hispanics and Latinos; Native Americans and refugees; and migrants and travelers.

Archbishop Sambi, who was appointed nuncio in 2005, serves as the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States and represents Pope Benendict XVI to the nation’s Catholic bishops.