Office of Public Relations and Information has launched a new web page

Author: Dennis Brown

The Office of Public Relations and Information at Notre Dame has launched a new home page on the World Wide Web featuring the latest news and information on the University.p. Located at , the page is divided into 11 main categories with current facts, figures and photos on Notre Dame people and programs, past and present.p. The page includes:* Newswire – Updated daily, Newswire provides all news releases issued by the University though the Office of Public Relations and Information.* This Week – The This Week calendar lists campus events.* Faculty Experts – Designed primarily as a resource for the news media, this site provides the names, phone numbers and areas of expertise of hundreds of Notre Dame faculty. A search engine, still under construction, soon will make it possible to find experts on a particular subject through the use of a keyword.* Fact Sheet – This on-line version of the annual University publication provides current data on virtually all aspects of the University. Links are provided to biographies of Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., and other officers, as well as to many of the University’s colleges and departments.* Indicators of Excellence – Some 50 unique and/or notable facts about the University are listed.* Touring Notre Dame – Designed for those interested in visiting Notre Dame, this site features photos and descriptions of the University’s many campus landmarks, as well information on how to arrange a tour.* Campus Maps – Two maps are available: a standard version identical to the hard copy published by the University, and a PDF version (through Adobe Acrobat) that can magnify any campus building with just a click. Both include an alphabetical key.* Brief History – Complete with photos, this site features the people and events that have shaped Notre Dame since its founding 1842.* Profile – Updated annually, the Profile provides a quick overview of Notre Dame today.* Noted Alumni – The names, graduating years and titles of more than 100 distinguished living alumni are listed on this site.* PR Staff – Names, titles, numbers, addresses and brief biographies of the members of the public relations and information staff are provided.

The Notre Dame public relations and information home page was designed and built by Golden Dome Productions .


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