Alliance for Catholic Education establishes special interest group for Catholic education

by Melissa Harraka

Alliance for Catholic Education

Rev. Ron Nuzzi, director of the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program, and other ACE faculty members, in collaboration with several other universities, have established a new Catholic Education Special Interest Group (SIG) in the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

The group will convene international meetings of scholars and educators to discuss theoretical and practical aspects of Catholic schools and Catholic education. It will encourage and support increased collaboration among such scholars while promoting and disseminating new research in the field of Catholic education. It also will host a Web site and list-serve, publish a quarterly newsletter, and solicit proposals for presentation at the AERA.

“This is an important step in building the field of Catholic educational research. The SIG gives Catholic educational researchers a seat at the table in the world’s largest educational research organization,” said Father Nuzzi.

According to Father Nuzzi, the SIG will provide faculty already doing research on Catholic schools, the single largest sector of the private school market, with an academic community capable of merging diverse scholarly disciplines into a national research agenda in Catholic education.

The SIG “gives credence and weight to their work,” Father Nuzzi said.

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