Notre Dame to evacuate students from Egypt


Cairo, Egypt

Due to increasingly violent anti-government protests in Egypt, the University of Notre Dame is responding to a U.S. State Department recommendation and working to evacuate the 12 students participating this semester in the University’s study abroad program at the American University of Cairo (AUC).

Notre Dame is collaborating with AUC and U.S. officials to have the students transported with other American citizens as soon as possible on government-arranged transport to safe havens in Europe, from where they will be assisted by Notre Dame to locations in which they will be able to safely continue their studies.

The Notre Dame program in Egypt is facilitated by the AUC, which is located on a 260-acre campus in New Cairo on the outskirts of the Old City.

The program gives students the opportunity to study with Egyptian and Arab students under the guidance of some of the best scholars in the fields of Middle Eastern studies, Egyptology, Islamic art and architecture and Arabic language.