Notre Dame theologian Father Gorski publishes book on religious pluralism

by Michael O. Garvey


Theology of Religions:A Sourcebook for Interreligious Study,by Rev. Eugene F. Gorski, C.S.C., professional specialist in theology at the University of Notre Dame, recently was published by Paulist Press.

The book is a theological exploration of the implications of scripture and Catholic doctrine for such non-Christian religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam Daoism and Shinto.

According to Father Gorski,Theology of Religionsis designedto appeal to all who are interested in thinking theologically about the fact of religious pluralism in the world, including educators, teachers and students.

Father Gorski taught theology and served as a residence hall rector at Notre Dame from 1972 to 1995, leaving the University to serve for four years as vice president for student affairs at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.He returned to Notre Dame in 1999 and since 2000 has taught various courses in theology, includingWorld Religions and Catholicism in Dialogue,whose goal he describes asto enable the students to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity by ‘passing overinto an experiencing as well as appraising the different major religious traditions of the world.

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