Notre Dame receives award from National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management



The University of Notre Dame received the Leadership Roundtable Best Practice Award from the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management (NLRCM) at its annual meeting Thursday inPhiladelphia.

The award is being given in recognition of the Universitys outstanding commitment to inspire and encourage students in a vocation of serving others, both during and after graduation,said Kerry Robinson, executive director of the NLRCM.Notre Dame is representative of the best of Catholic higher education forming a new generation of educated, motivated and committed Catholic ministers.

We are truly honored to receive this prestigious award,said Notre Dames president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.Our central goal is to educate Catholic leaders for the future, and we are flattered to be selected for this honor for doing so.

Rev. William Lies, C.S.C., director of the Center for Social Concerns, represented the University at the meeting and received the award on its behalf.

The Leadership Roundtable is an organization of laity, religious and clergy working together to promote excellence and best practices in the management, finances and human resources development of the Catholic Church in the U.S. by greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity.It includes some 225 senior executives from organizations of business, finance, law, academia, philanthropy and church ministry.

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