Notre Dame on iTunes U now available



The University of Notre Dame has joined some 300 top institutions of higher education on iTunes U, a dedicated area within Apple’s iTunes Store that features lectures, lessons and other materials produced by colleges and universities.

Notre Dame on iTunes U contains more than 600 free, downloadable audio and video files representing academics, research, campus life, faith and service, as well as a variety of offerings from Notre Dame OpenCourseWare, a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world. There also is a section dedicated to alumni, parents and friends.

“And we’re only beginning,” said Todd Woodward, associate vice president for marketing communications at Notre Dame. “From this initial launch phase, we will keep building our site into an even more robust collection of content to share the University’s stories and our vibrant intellectual community with the world.”

To access Notre Dame on iTunes U, visit and click on the “Launch iTunes U” icon. The site also contains instructions for downloading the iTunes platform, which is required.

“The iTunes platform has had incredible success as a tool for sharing information,” Woodward said. “With strong participation from our colleges, schools and faculty, it is our hope that Notre Dame on iTunes U will grow into a destination where we can engage our audiences and share the University’s expertise with learners everywhere.”

Contact: Julie Hail Flory, Office of Public Affairs and Communications, 574-631-7031,