Notre Dame doctoral students win more than $1.5 million in external awards during 2010 awards season

by Notre Dame News

Golden Dome

University of Notre Dame doctoral students were awarded external fellowships during the course of the 2010 awards season totaling over $1.5 million, according to Gregory E. Sterling, dean of the Graduate School.

Many other students received recognition as finalists for various prestigious national awards. Still others received internal fellowships to support their research, travel or conference attendance.

“I congratulate our award winners and finalists. Their achievement should be celebrated by all of us at Notre Dame, for these students exemplify the standard of excellence in research by graduate students at our University,” Sterling said in making his announcement. “It is noteworthy that the recipients represent so many disciplines in each of our four divisions—engineering, humanities, science and the social sciences. The research interests that received recognition from major funding entities are diverse, encompassing examinations of the mechanics of the human heart, municipal government in colonial Peru, public debate of the Iraq War, and theoretical high-energy particle physics.”

In noting the high number of external awards this year, Sterling continued: “I am gratified that our expanded efforts to promote external fellowships and to assist students in applying for them has proved so successful. Our efforts in this area are critical to the Graduate School’s commitment to a holistic education—one in which the importance of the professional development of our students is recognized. Whether our students enter academia, the private sector, government or non-governmental organizations, they will need to know how to write a successful fellowship or grant application. We want to promote this skill in the Graduate School and assist students and their advisers in every way possible.”

A complete list of major external fellowships awarded to Notre Dame doctoral students, students who attained “finalist” status for prestigious national awards, and students who won smaller external awards to support their research is available here.